Call for writing and artwork from trans prisoners

Posted on: Tuesday 12th of December 2017

The 3rd annual International Trans Prisoner Day of Action is coming up soon (Jan 22nd) and the organisers are once again planning to create a ‘zine of writing and artwork by trans prisoners from around the world.

If you are writing to a trans prisoner, please consider encouraging them to submit a contribution. Reflections, essays, poetry, artwork and other writings are welcome.

Please send submissions to:

MonkeyWrench Books

c/o Austin ABC
110 North Loop Blvd E.

Austin, TX 78751


Along with your submission, please include a brief bio if you would like, along with whether or not you would like to publish your mailing address. 

The finished zine will be sent to all trans prisoners, free of charge, who request a copy.  The zine will also be sent to info-shops, bookstores and community centers.